Live From Breakglass


Spencer Krug is a man of many bands. Look him up on Wikipedia if you don’t believe me. I still remember reading a Pitchfork review of one of his records as Sunset Rubdown that called him “The most prolific indie rocker this side of Robert Pollard”. When Moonface played Breakglass, the entire stage was filled with gear; an organ, a vibraphone, an electronic drum machine, two amps and a Leslie speaker. The stage was lit with a glowing globe and a few candles, and behind this huge wall of equipment were Spencer and Moonface bandmate Mike Bigelow. Some bands make happy music about sad things. Moonface is not one of those bands. Send Me An Angel is heart-wrenching in both content and form. Particularly in the candle lit ambience, this tune really produced a swirling hypnotic effect on everyone in the room, the kind of effect that takes some time to wear off once the performance has come to an end.

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