Live From Breakglass

Plants and Animals

Ask any band, and they’re sure to tell you they’ve had a few special moments. Moments of musical connection, an interaction with a special crowd, that second when the song crescendos and the audience gets just a little louder, or maybe that moment when the song comes to an end and there’s a split second of silence before the crowd kicks in. It’s especially awesome when there’s a certain thematic unity to things. This was the case when Plants and Animals covered Wolf Parade’s “I’ll Believe in Anything” at Breakglass for Pop Montreal in 2011. “This is by one of the first bands that ever took us out on tour”, Warren Spicer said “and showed us how to rock” he added, before the band launched into a powerful rendition of the tune. It all makes sense, considering that Spencer Krug, formerly of Wolf Parade, had played 2011’s other Live From Breakglass showcase the night before as Moonface.

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