Live From Breakglass

Besnard Lakes

We knew that The Besnard Lakes would be on our list to see while we were in Montreal since first, they are one of our favorite Montreal-based bands, but also because frontman Jace Lasek is one of the three founders of Breakglass Studios. It was really fun to see The Besnard Lakes in their element and to chat with Jace and Olga after the set about the history of Breakglass Studios, how they built out each room a little bit at a time over the last 12 years and to hear about all of the different bands that have recorded there like Holy Fuck, Islands, Stars, Sunset Rubdown, The Unicorns, Wolf Parade, Purity Ring, and many more. They performed songs from their latest release A Coliseum Complex Museum that came out last year, which is another excellent psych-rock scorcher. Check out their set below!

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