Live From Breakglass


Direct from the Sahara desert, Bombino! With the introduction out of the way, Omara 'Bombino' Moctar, a prodigious guitar player born to a nomadic Tuareg tribe in Niger (and at this point best known to the general public because Black Keys member Dan Auerbach produced his record 'Nomad') set to work electrifying the packed house of fans, friends, and fellow musicians assembled in the Breakglass live room. It was immediately apparent why there's so much excitement worldwide about Bombino, as well as why he's garnered a reputation as a true musician's musician. Bombino has got the kind of feel for a guitar that simply can't be taught. From the acoustic intro section of the set, to the mind bending electric guitar rythms that brought the crowd to their feet and got them dancing, the energy in the air was tangible. This was a special moment. If you were crazy enough to miss it live... just click on the link below to see the whole episode in full HD video and audio direct through the Kashmir Neve!

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